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For the problem gamer, the game is no longer an entertainment or a simple leisure activity. Play becomes a way (or even the only solution) to run away from your problems and or or to feel better.

The problem gambler may experience anxiety and anger. He is irritable or even agitated and it becomes difficult for him to relax as worries about the future preoccupy him. He may also feel guilty or feel very alone. Signs of depression are common, such as a feeling of sadness, loss ofNon Gamstop Options Now appetite, loss of interest in usual activities, loss of motivation, and a general feeling of unhappiness. Despair and isolation can lead to the development of suicidal thoughts. Sometimes it is important variations in mood that are perceived by those around you. For the sites not registered with gamstop the players are perfectly suited now.

It is also possible that the player begins to use tobacco, alcohol or other drugs or that his consumption becomes more important as the game increases.

Lying to those around you about the game

The problem gambler often tries to hide his gambling practice from those around him. He will then lie to his family, friends and or colleagues about the real extent of his practice.

Borrow money to play

When the player begins to experience financial difficulties due to gambling, he will borrow money from others to finance his gambling and or or to settle his debts. He then asks his family, friends and or or colleagues to lend him money. He can also use his savings or make a consumer loan.

Losing an important relationship or a professional activity because of gambling

The central place of the game, lies, debts, loans is all sources of conflict in the life of the player, especially with those around him. Gambling, when it becomes problematic, endangers important emotional relationships, with family and or loved ones, a job or opportunities for studies or a career.

If you recognize yourself through one or more of these propositions, it is possible that you encounter a gambling problem or that you are at risk of becoming a “gambling addict”. If so, this may be the time to ask for help. There are several ways to help with the game. Refer to the “Coping with your gambling problem” section.

More information

In the brochure published by the Federal Institute of Behavioral Addictions: “From pleasure to excess: the question of excessive gambling “.


This plate allows the player or his entourage to learn about excessive gambling. Besides “social” and “recreational” play practices, there are more problematic and even excessive behaviors. All the information on this problematic practice is available with a questionnaire to determine your gambling problems, places of care and information resources.

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