How to play with the weak opponents? The answer to the question of how to win at poker is simple: you need to find opponents weaker than you.

There are several ways to find them:

Choose suitable tables in the online gclubpoker room lobby. The presence of weak players at the table can be determined using indirect indicators: the average size of the pot, the number of opponents on the flop, the number of hands per hour. Choose tables where the first two indicators are maximum, and the last one is as low as possible. You can identify weak players using special table scanners, but before using them, check if these programs are prohibited by the rules of the room.

Look at the statistics of your opponents using the HUD. Fish indicators are high VPIP, low aggression and high pass to showdown.Watch your opponents’ playing style and take notes. Find flaws that you can use against them.

If there is no player at the table who can be easy prey for you, it is better to leave. Avoid playing with equal or stronger opponents. As the hero of the film “Sharpshooter” said,”If you cannot identify a weak player in the first half hour of the game, then you are the weak player.”

Remember variance

In mathematics, variance is the degree to which random variables deviate from the mean. When you flip a coin, the probability of getting heads or tails is 50%. Sometimes a coin can fall on the same side several times in a row this is how variance manifests itself. But after a lot of attempts, the ratio will be close to 50% to 50%.

In poker, as a result of short-range variance, a bad player can win and a good player can lose. Such a streak of failures can last tens of thousands of hands or months. Keep this in mind and don’t get tilted when there is variance. Continue to follow the strategy, adhere to bankroll management rules, and get more rest and devote time to other hobbies, family and friends.

You can read more about how this deviation manifests itself, how it can be calculated and reduced, in the article on variance in poker.

Correct lifestyle

A professional player’s career is not limited to the poker session and training. To play well, you need to pay attention to your physical and mental state.

Basic recommendations for a healthy lifestyle for poker players:

  • Strike a balance between play, study and relaxation
  • Go in for sports
  • Spendtime in the fresh air every day
  • Eat right
  • Do not play poker when hungry or, conversely, right after eating
  • Never sit down at the table drunk or hungover
  • Do not play sleepy, tired, in a bad mood
  • Communicate with people far from the world of poker: a good outlook supports the flexibility of the brain and helps to advance in the study of strategy


Do other hobbies so that the game does not turn into monotonous work.We’ve covered the basic principles of how to play poker and win for a beginner. They set the direction for improvement, but everyone has their own path. Your development is constant practical and theoretical work, the ideal instruction for which will not be written by anyone from the outside.