Even baccarat is primarily a game based on luck, various strategies have been developed over the years to allow players to significantly improve their chances of winning. Here are the main ones:

The martingale

The martingale is considered to be one of the most popular gambling strategies. Many players use it in particular in roulette. The principle is always a little the same: to double each time his bet on a losing bet until obtaining a winning bet which makes it possible to cover the losses and to collect any additional bonus.

Everything is in fact based on the probability which in baccarat is of the order of 1 chance in 8 games. In baccarat, you can also use a variant of the martingale, “the Payroll method”, which consists of betting a little on the same principle as the martingale, but in the opposite direction. In other words, it is a question here of wagering each time twice less the amount on a bet which turns out to be winning until it loses. However, martingale requires a fairly large budget to cover losses. Moreover, given the new betting limits imposed by current casinos, this strategy is therefore not very attractive. In จีคลับ this comes perfect.

The Counter-Alembert Technique

Another very popular technique in gambling is the Alembert method. This consists of reducing your stake each time you win and increasing it in the event of a loss. The player can thus maintain a constant bet value, regardless of the losses recorded. If this method is recommended for certain games of chance, in baccarat, the reverse method is recommended. The player must therefore add one unit to his bet each time he registers a win, and withdraw one unit in the event of a loss. The implementation of the counter-Alembert, however, requires the player to be able to withdraw from the game at the ideal time at the risk of losing all winnings.

Card Counting

The card counting strategy is a technique that is not within the reach of all players. Very popular in blackjack, it can also be used in baccarat with some nuances. The objective here is to succeed in anticipating the cards which must come out and thus to evaluate the possible combinations in advance. For this, an excellent memory and a lot of practice are necessary. However, since the stakes cannot be increased during a game of baccarat and the cards are returned to the shoe after the draw, the effectiveness of card counting is quite limited in blackjack.

Some Strategic Advice

In baccarat, it is better not to bet on a tie even if the payout in case of winning is 8: 1. The chances of getting a tie between the bank and the player are indeed very low. In contrast, betting on a bank win is recommended due to the commission taken by the bank on the player’s winnings.

Whatever baccarat strategy you choose, take the time to perfect it and master it before applying it in real mode. And don’t forget one of the most important factors in baccarat: luck.